The experienced Hauer Ranch wranglers use their knowledge of the area to guide you on a personalized horse and mule trail ride rich in local history and folklore. We hope our guests will have the most enjoyable commercial trail ride they could ever hope to have.

John & Sena Hauer

John and Sena use their intimate knowledge of the area gained through generations of ranching and living in the Moab area to guide you on a personalized horseback and mule trail ride rich in the history and folk lore of Moab. John and Sena Hauer will take you on the horseback or mule trail ride of your dreams through some of Moab’s most spectacular scenery.

Sena Taylor Hauer

Sena and her husband John own Backcountry Trail Rides and based at the Hauer Ranch. Sena will climb on almost any horse (note photograph) and has been a horse lover since she was a baby. Her first horse was a gift from Santa when she was one year old. That mighty beast was made of plastic and was suspended by springs from a metal frame. Sena is a 5th-generation Moab resident whose professional training is in community newspaper journalism. The Moab Times-Independent newspaper has been owned by the Taylor family for more than 100 years. Sena enjoys both writing and riding.