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Custom horseback and mule riding in the desert splendor of Professor Valley on beautiful Highway 128. Cross creeks, ride along the Colorado River, enjoy the feel of open range riding.

The Hauer Ranch has been a popular movie destination because of its classic American West landscape. Sandstone formations, towering cliffs, broad vistas and the Colorado River set the stage for the quintessential cowboy movie. Structures on the ranch have been made to look like Old West buildings, with classic board-and-batten materials and boardwalk porches.

Our standard half-day ride

Our standard half-day ride has folks in the saddle for two hours. Other time is spent for orientation, paperwork, questions, helmet and saddle fitting. You will be with us for about 3 hours total.

Guests should bring their own water. We provide saddle bags for your belongings, and we do not allow backpacks unless they are personal hydration systems. We also do not allow drones, selfie sticks, alcoholic or carbonated beverages on the rides.

Beginners are welcome! Children as young as 7 can join our group rides but they must be able to confidently sit in the saddle by themselves. We do our best to accommodate people with special needs, but we want to be fully informed of any special needs PRIOR TO THE RIDE at the time you make your reservation.

We don’t allow people to ride double. We cannot take guests who weigh more than 225 pounds FULLY DRESSED, due to the physical health and endurance of our horses and mules.

To ensure riders’ safety, our group rides are walking rides only. Trotting and cantering are allowed only on private rides, for persons who have previously learned to ride at faster speeds by virtue of taking extensive lessons or owning their own horse.

We can accommodate groups of more than a dozen if requested, such as for family reunions or company retreats. If people want to guarantee they are in a small group, we urge them to book a private ride. Bear in mind that our group rides during busy times of year, such as spring break and summer, can be quite full. We provide at least one guide for groups up to 8 individuals in size. But for safety issues, when there are groups larger than 8, we have additional wranglers.

Standard price is $125 plus tax per person, for two or more persons.

Private and Solo Rides

  • Two-hour group rides: $125 per person plus tax.
  • Private rides for groups of 2 or more are $250 per person plus tax. Full tax amounts, which are subject to change, can be viewed on our online booking platform, Fare Harbor.
  • Two-hour private rides for just one rider, $300 plus tax. Prices subject to change. Check our online booking platform.

Inquire about availability. Trips are tailored to experience level. Departure times and duration are negotiable.

Guest Reviews

5 stars all the way!! If you are visiting Moab then Hauer Ranch is a must on your itinerary. We were lucky enough to have John and Sena as our trail guides and we thoroughly enjoyed every bit of our private ride. Not only was the ride informative but you’ll get some of the best scenery around. Sena was very accommodating with our last minute booking. I’m already planning a second visit. Thank you for a great experience!!

Janice D.

Great ride! This was our second trip with Hauer ranch. Beautiful scenery. Horses are beautiful and well cared for — the kids said the best riding trail horses they’ve ever had!

Brandon, Mississippi

You will be glad that you made the time for a ride! We shared a lovely evening with wrangler Jaime and the horses. The scenery was beautiful! The 8, 9 and 12 year olds enjoyed the trip!

JJ. Moab, Utah

Had my thoughts about it, trail riding is boring… but not this one, had a great time, experience handlers and what view, these pics were taken around the location of the 1960s John Wayne, The Comancheros, great job ladies, loved it!

V King - Miami, Florida
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