A Gay Old Time in Moab

Moab’s always sort of been stuck in my head. Maybe it’s the funny sounding name, which doesn’t sound familiar or quite like anything else.

The Natural Superiority of Mules

This book is chock-full of interesting mule history, opinions, little known facts about mules and general information that will make mule owners even more proud of their long eared companions.

Bryan and Alicia Wedding

The Hauer Ranch is not only a popular movie destination because of its classic American West landscape but also weddings!

“Knockin On Heaven’s Door”

Mitch Perry [lead guitar] is behind the scene’s in the making of Heaven’s music video “Knockin On Heaven’s Door” shot in Moab, Utah.

Best of Utah 2014

Riding on a mule under the achingly bright blue sky of Moab’s red-rock country, trekking across a landscape as majestic as it is harsh, is the only way to truly absorb the beautiful terrain.

Famous Movie Sites

The Moab area has been a filming location since 1949. See movie sites from City Slickers, Comancheros, Rio Grande, Rio Conchos, Smoke Signals and the new Disney film John Carter of Mars.

2013 Movie Shoot

Dead Horse Point and the Hauer Ranch were used in film clips that may be the precursor to a western movie to be shot later in 2013 in the Moab area.