Guests need to allow plenty of time to drive the 23 miles from downtown Moab to Hauer Ranch. The route is a national top-ten scenic byway along Highway 128 as it curves and bends along the Colorado River. Ideally, guests should leave Moab about an hour before their ride begins, and to understand travel directions well before they lose cellular service in the river canyon.

The closest map coordinates to the ranch are HIGHWAY 128, MILE MARKER 21. At this intersection travelers will exit the pavement onto a gravel road that has various signs that say Moab Horses and Lower Onion Creek. Turn west toward the river. DO NOT turn east toward Fisher Towers.

Once on this gravel road, drive for 1/2 mile until the road divides, then bear to the right. DO NOT go straight to the Lower Onion Creek Campground. Follow signs to the north that indicate horseback rides and Hauer Ranch. Follow signs to the stables and barns where you will park and check in.

Google Maps to Hauer Ranch generally works well, but these written directions work best.

Warning: Hauer Ranch may not be easily recognized by internet map websites

Smart phone mapping systems are not reliable in the desert region around Moab. Please review our written directions. If you must use an address, use Hwy. 128, Mile Marker 21. This will get you to within 1 mile of the ranch, where the gravel driveway turns toward the Colorado River from Highway 128. This is the same intersection for Fisher Towers, which is on the opposite side of the highway. The ranch is located on the river side of the highway, and shares a driveway with the Lower Onion Creek Campground. After leaving the highway, heading toward the river, the gravel driveway divides. Hauer Ranch guests will take a right-hand turn to the Hauer Ranch. Follow the signs into the ranch and up to the horse barns.

The GPS Coordinates

N 38°44.375′ / W 109°20.647′
The elevation is 4,211 feet

Have written directions in hand

This is a remote desert and there are no billboards to mark the way. Review the map on this web site. Cell phones do not work well in the Colorado River corridor, so if you get off track you may not be able to call out.

Arriving by road bicycle or road motorcycle?

The last mile of road leading to the ranch is on a hard packed gravel and dirt that at times may be difficult for road bicycles and road motorcycles but is otherwise fine for all vehicles (unless there have been recent flash floods).