Second Addition

A Celebration of One of the Most Intelligent, Sure-Footed, and Misunderstood Animals in the World

cover2This book is chock-full of interesting mule history, opinions, little known facts about mules and general information that will make mule owners even more proud of their long eared companions. This book will be especially helpful to people contemplating acquiring a mule for the first time

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There are chapters written especially for this book by:

  • Dr. Robert Miller
  • Meredith Hodges of Lucky Three Ranch
  • Betty Robinson, Mules and More Tales On Trails columnist and author of The Arkansas Oklahoma Trail Guide
  • Loyd Hawley of Hawleywood Mules
  • Loren Basham of Pair-A-Dice Mules and other prominent people connected to the mule industry.

The book also contains

  • a complete Resource Section, giving you information for contacting mule and donkey clubs, organizations, and publications, annual schedule of events, and much more.
  • lots of color photos.
  • history of mules in the Grand Canyon, on both the north and south rims.